Aid and Attendance Rates

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers many pension and compensation benefits to veterans and their families.

At War Veterans Association we specialize in the Aid and Attendance pension which helps veterans and their spouses pay for long term care.

The Aid and Attendance Pension was initiated in 1952 and was designed to provide financial assistance to those war-time veterans and surviving spouses who require the attendance of another person while engaging in the regular activities of daily living. This pension can provide over $34,000 per year, depending on the situation (see the table below).

The Aid and Attendance pension benefit is tax-free for life.


The 2017 rates are as follows:

Two veterans married to each other where both need care $34,153 per year

Married veteran where the veteran needs care $25,525 per year

Married veteran where the spouse needs care $16,320 per year

Single veteran $21,531 per year

Widowed spouse $14,397 per year

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