Fully Developed VA Claims Process

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The VA has instituted the fully developed claims process which can result in a decision on your Aid & Attendance application within a matter of months that is usually favorable.

The traditional claim process which starts with an informal claim could take up to a year or more and can result in a denial of the claim. And yet, very few claims with the VA are processed as fully developed claims.

A fully developed claim takes a great deal of time. It involves many forms completed by several different entities. Nearly all Veterans Service Offices (VSOs, the government agency that provides claims services to the public) almost never submit a fully developed claim. They usually submit an informal claim, which is quick and simple to prepare. Due to a large number of VA clients to see, the VSO is forced to simply initiate the claim and move on to the next client.

Most VSOs are funded based on the number of claims filed in a given year, not on how successful any of the claims are. Their incentive is to submit as many claims as possible, not to take the time to submit a fully developed claim. But to give them credit, the VSOs get the process started. The VA claims processing center will then send a “to-do” list for the veteran named in the claim. If the veteran is still alive when the award finally comes in, they will receive money retroactive to when they became eligible. Bear in mind, the VSO is prohibited from counseling the veteran as to how they may become eligible for the benefit.

War Veterans Association submits only fully developed claims. We take the time to counsel you at every step of the process to ensure that you are completely eligible and your claim is fully developed before it is submitted. As a result, our success rate is unparalleled. Our clients receive the money they need while they still need it.

By Richard Dorrough

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