How Aid and Attendance Changed the Way We Think About Assisted Living Facilities

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long term care How Aid and Attendance Changed the Way We Think About Assisted Living Facilities

For those who serve as a primary caregiver to an individual who needs help with daily living tasks, the decision to place a loved one in assisted living facilities can be a matter of much consideration. As a culture nursing homes have had a bad image and no one wants to send their loved one “to the home” unless absolutely necessary. Skilled care facilities have evolved and come a long way. They are no longer the dismal hospital atmosphere with severely ill people in them. They are vibrant senior communities with varying levels of care for different needs, daily entertainment activities, and a comfortable home-like decor. With misinformation everywhere, there are a few common ideas about assisted living facilities that just aren’t true.

Common ideas about assisted living facilities that just aren’t true:

1. It isn’t affordable…

Some fear that the costs associated with assisted living facilities are more than what they can afford. A recent study published by the Assisted Living Federation of America shows that assisted living facilities are the most cost-effective solution for caregiving. In this study, assisted living facilities were compared to semi-private & private nursing home rooms, homemaker services, home health aide services, and adult day health care. Also, veterans that served during wartime conflict and that now need help with daily living tasks are entitled to veterans benefits. Specifically, veterans seeking benefits for assisted living facilities should learn more about Aid & Attendance. The veterans benefits program, Aid & Attendance, provides up to $32,00 per year for costs associated with assisted living facilities. Veterans are encouraged to take advantage of the tax-free benefit which they earned for serving our country.


  1. It’s not what’s best for his/her health…

            When a loved one suffers from a disability or injury, the entire family is affected by stress. A study published by the Assisted Living Federation of America reports that family caregivers that were employed and also performed medical and nursing tasks for loved ones were twice as likely to report that caregiving has a negative impact on their employment. Recently, National Public Radio in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health published the results of a poll which stated that those with disability and poor health tend to suffer from a lot of stress. The bottom line? Stress is harmful to one’s health. Individuals in assisted living facilities alleviate stress from their own life and their families.

3. We are putting our loved ones away

            What some people may not realize is that assisted living facilities are not the same thing as nursing homes. Assisted living facilities are for individuals that need help with day to day tasks, whereas nursing homes are for individuals that are more critically ill. Assisted living facilities improve the quality of an individual’s life with a variety of services such as recreational activities, social activities, health and exercise programs, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, bathing, dressing, eating, walking, and other medical and health services. Residents of assisted living facilities are able to interact within a community while receiving the proper care that they need.

In many cases assisted living facilities have improved the quality of life for seniors and helped them live longer. Studies show that the more interaction and less isolation that the aging have the better their overall health is. Let Aid and Attendance give you the opportunity to look into assisted living facilities and it may change the way that you look at putting your loved one in a skilled facility.

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