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My mom and dad received notice yesterday from the VA about their award. Even though War Veterans didn’t promise it, the process turned out to be quick.

-Thank you, Martha D.


Dad doesn’t have to move to a Medicaid facility now that the VA benefit has come through. Thanks again for all your help. Your process was great.

-Barbara G.


When I came to you I was in a state of chaos about my mom. You made the process easy and understandable. I can’t thank you enough.

– Joan B.


Thank you for securing Uncle Bill’s VA benefit. Even though he has passed on the benefit made his final two years much more manageable and at a level of care not possible without the VA money.

– Charlett G.


Has anyone ever received the benefit in shorter time than us? Thank you for what the award will do for us.

– Muriel L.


The benefits were awarded exactly in the amount you said they would be. How can we say “Thank you.”

– Jim G


I can’t believe my dad got the benefit. I know you said he should get it in due time. I shouldn’t have doubted you. Thanks.

– Michael L.


Yes, my dad got the award. It took a little longer than we had hoped for but the money will make all the difference in how he lives from here on out. He is almost out of money and the family has been under a lot of pressure to help him out. You have helped the entire family. Thank you.

– Jeana M.


The VA deposited a big payment in my mom’s bank account today. I guess this is for the back payment from when she applied. Just in the nick of time.

– Christie D


The news is good today. The VA pension has been granted to my parents. My dad has been rewarded for service to his country. He is going to be all right now.

– Linda D.


You guys are great. I’ve told several veterans how you got the benefit for my mom

– Carol S.


We have been receiving the benefit for several months now and with your help we just got the amount in arrears.

Cathy W.


Thanks to you. The award my mom received from the VA will allow her to remain in independent living. Some people I talked to said it couldn’t be done. You did it and we thank you.

– Erin S.


You made it happen. With the VA money my dad can live with my mom in assisted living. He served and now he is receiving help when he needs it.

– Greg M.

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