The #1 Most Under Used Financial Aid for Assisted Living Costs

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The costs of assisted living can seem overwhelming for anybody. Assisted living expenses can cost individuals and families thousands of dollars every month, and most people simply cannot afford those kinds of expenses without some kind of assistance. Financial assistance is often available for senior veterans and their families, yet only a fraction of those who qualify for benefits actually use them. This is a shame, especially since there is a benefit that can cover up to $2,000 a month in assisted living expenses for those who qualify. It is called the Aid and Attendance benefit, a largely unknown benefit that can be a great help for veterans who would otherwise struggle to cover all of their medical expenses. standing old lady nurse The #1 Most Under Used Financial Aid for Assisted Living Costs

What is Aid and Attendance?

The Aid and Attendance benefit is intended for veterans or their surviving spouses who require regular assistance in their daily tasks. These tasks include eating, dressing, bathing, medication dosing and other necessary tasks that have become difficult due to disability. The Aid and Attendance benefit is considered a pension benefit, and it is not strictly for those who have been injured while in the service. Many of those who receive the Aid and Attendance benefit are residents in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, and many more who live in their own homes still require constant care from an attendant.

Aid and Attendance Counseling

The process of applying for Aid and Attendance can be difficult, and federal and state agencies are often so overworked that they cannot do much besides process paperwork. Nevertheless, veterans and their spouses owe it to themselves to find out if they do qualify for Aid and Attendance. To apply for Aid and Attendance benefits it must be done through an accredited VA agent.  Even if you do not qualify for Aid and Attendance, you may still qualify for other benefits that will still help cover your medical expenses, and counselors will always be able to assist you with the application process.

No matter how difficult things may seem, always remember that there is almost always some kind of financial assistance available to you. All you need to do is seek it out.


By Richard Dorrough
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