Use Your Veterans Benefits and Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility

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Now that you have been approved for your earned Veteran’s Benefits how do you choose the assisted living facility that is right for you or your loved one?

Fortunately because of your veterans benefits off setting costly monthly assisted living bills you or your loved one may be able to afford care that you may not have otherwise been able to entertain.  Having to move a family member into an assisted living facility is never an easy task, but it is often a necessary one. Caring for someone who can no longer live independently is often a full-time job, one that most people find they are unable to do. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent assisted living facilities out there to choose from. This may not make the transition into assisted living any easier for you or your loved one, but knowing you chose a safe place for your family member should at least give you some peace of mind.

The first thing you need to do when choosing a facility is to consider what kind of care your loved one will need. Assisted living is generally for those who have lived independently but now need some assistance in their daily lives. These people still have some measure of independence and can be left alone for longer periods of time. If your loved one is completely dependent and cannot live without constant supervision or care, you should consider looking into long-term nursing facilities instead.

Most good assisted living facilities offer several options and levels of care. Although there will always be nurses on site to provide care for residents as they need it, many facilities will also have urgent care doctors on site. Other facilities will provide assistance with daily medication and provide physical therapy for their residents. Decide what level of care your loved one will need before looking into nearby facilities.

Once you have some good assisted living facilities in mind, take the time to tour them. Try to go during meal times or activity times since that’s when most residents will be up and about. This will give you the chance to talk to them and observe what life in the facility is like. Are they happy there? Are there plenty of activities for them? Will your loved one fit in well enough with them? These are all questions to consider during your tour.

Finally, you should never overlook the opinions and recommendations of health professionals. Physicians, hospital staff and any of the other medical professionals that may have treated your loved one will know better than most what makes a good assisted living facility, so don’t be afraid to ask for their recommendations and opinions.

In the end, choosing the right assisted living facility for a loved one isn’t as difficult as it may first appear, but it does involve plenty of research. Take the time to perform as much research as you need, and good luck with your search.

standing old lady nurse Use Your Veterans Benefits and Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility will help you get veteran’s aid benefits for your assisted living needs.


By Richard Dorrough



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