What does it take to qualify for VA Senior Benefits?

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War Veterans Association of Colorado helps veterans obtain up to $2,120 per month if:

  • They or their spouse served in the military anywhere in the world during a period of conflict. Those periods include WWII, the Korean conflict, the Vietnam War, or the Gulf War.

  • A doctor would say they could not function on their own without assistance at home or in an assisted living environment.

  • Their cost of care is about equal to their income.

  • Their assets are properly positioned.

VA Aid & Attendance benefit counseling is provided without cost or obligation to families in need of assistance. War Veterans Association performs a thorough evaluation of each family’s situation and what steps to take to enjoy the Aid & Attendance benefit. We keep all information strictly confidential. Strategies are recommended to obtain benefits without unnecessary spend-down of assets. No financial or legal products or services are recommended. Every family receives the VA Aid & Attendance analysis totally free of charge.

VA applications are lengthy and complicated and most federal and state agencies are overworked and can do little beyond paperwork intake. War Veterans Association will guide you through the process, offering whatever assistance is needed, every step of the way.Incorrect VA applications can’t be resubmitted, they can only be corrected. Therefore, submitting a complete and correct application is very important in order to minimize the time before receiving the benefit. Remember – there is no automatic long term care safety net when assets are exhausted.

By Richard Dorrough

To get started or for more information please call (303) 829-0205

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