About War Veterans Association of Colorado

War Veteran’s Association was formed to help veterans get the benefits that they have earned.  We saw a need to make people aware of veterans benefits for assisted living costs when our friends and relatives were desperate to get their loved ones long term care outside of the home but did not have the financial means.  They approached us for advice on getting financial help for their elderly loved ones.  Unfortunately we watched people struggle to file VA pension claims that their loved ones had earned.

With over 30 years combined financial counseling experience, War Veteran’s Association was born in the name of helping our veterans.

We have a history of service ourselves, in the US Navy and the Wyoming Air National Guard, during and immediately after the Vietnam War.  War Veterans Association understands the patriotism and pride that all our country’s veterans feel and we are honored to be counted among them.  We realize that inevitably we will ourselves be in the position of needing to accept help from the country we have served, and we feel the need now to help those who are already in that position.  War Veterans Association is our way of furthering our service to our country.

War Veterans Association has become an organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families obtain veterans benefits for assisted living costs available to them from the Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicaid benefits due them from their state.

We work with you directly to see that you or your loved ones get help with assisted living costs and that you receive the maximum benefit allowable with as little aggravation as possible.

DD Who we areDick Dorrough

Chief Benefits Consultant


With over 15 years in the financial industry, Dick has become an expert at maximizing assets and minimizing liabilities. He is able to look at the big picture, then zero in on the details to get the most out of any financial situation, helping our clients qualify for the veterans benefits they deserve.

PVH Who we arePhil VanderHamm

VA Accredited Agent


Phil Vanderhamm has been an accredited agent for the Veterans Administration for almost four years. Prior to that, he held a Certified Financial Planner designation for 12 years and has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years. Because the Aid and Attendance Pension benefit is so little known, Phil decided to focus almost completely on assisting Veterans and their families with understanding and obtaining the Aid and Attendance Pension.

To get started or for more information please call (303) 829-0205